Farm insurance in the Sikeston & New Madrid, MO area.

Agriculture is a rapidly changing, complex industry. Additionally, the risks have never been greater. Our dedicated industry experts understand the agriculture business in Missouri and will work with you to identify potential risks and implement a comprehensive risk management plan to cover them.

Operating a farm is a dream come true for many Americans and a risky business for others. Living as a farmer takes many hours and is a major financial commitment, not just a job. Natural disasters and crop failure can threaten your livelihood.

The key to a successful farming venture is identifying risks and planning for the worst case scenario along with creating a thorough risk management plan that offers sufficient insurance coverage. You can use best practices, hire the right worker, and buy the safest equipment, but accidents still may happen.
When you carry adequate farm insurance, you can focus on your farm knowing these hazards will be taken care of if necessary.

Farm Coverage Options Include

Dwelling or Home Protection

Covers your home in the event of major perils, such as windstorms, hail, lightning and fires.

Product Liability Insurance

This will protect you if the food or product sold by your farm causes illness or injury.

Farm Liability Protection

Protects you from losing your farm due to liability issues.

Farm Equipment Coverage

You will need to be certain that you have comprehensive coverage for your expensive farm equipment such as tractors, cotton pickers and combines.

Employers’ Liability Coverage

Provides coverage to the employer for work-related injuries due to an employer’s negligence.

Workers Compensation

If a worker on your farm is injured on the job, this insurance coverage will provide compensation for all related medical bills.

Commercial Vehicle Liability Coverage

You can insure all your farm vehicles on a single commercial vehicle insurance policy. This will protect you from liability risks if a driver of one of the vehicles injures another person or causes property damage to another.

Barn Insurance and Outbuilding Coverage

Farm policies are designed to also insure barns, sheds, grain bins and other structures that are separate from your dwelling with the same perils as your home.

Chemical Drift Coverage

Coverage for the “sudden” and “accidental” spray of agricultural chemicals. This is a hot topic lately.


Individual policy or part of your farm policy? This is a something companies are wrestling with. Let us help you navigate the markets.

As a farmer, you have many coverage needs.  When searching for suitable insurance for yourself and your agricultural business, you will want to be certain you are getting policies that are providing sufficient coverage at a competitive rate.  Anderson and Green Insurance is proud to offer a variety of highly-rated insurance companies that take into account the protection you need for your insurance dollar.  We offer excellent customer care if and when you need to file an insurance claim.

Let’s discuss your farm insurance.

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